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Wynne Maxwell

0845 838 5141

Spotlight:  1411-9057-5478   view CV

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Photos: Brandon Bishop


Somewhere Off the M6 (3).jpg

Featuring clips from four films created by Met Film School, London South Bank University, Raindance Film School and Ravensbourne University

The Virgin Brian_Moment.jpg

Featuring clips from three films created by

Cool Bean Films, Met Film School, and Raindance Film School

Wynne Maxwell 2017_Moment.jpg

Featuring clips from four specially written scenes created by the Actors Studio at Pinewood, directed by Tim Kent and Taz Ayoub; DOP Anna Chand.

Extracts from Recent Projects

Milk Before Meat_Moment (2).jpg
Ravensbourne University
dir. Abir Mohammad
Submersible_Moment (2).jpg
London South Bank University
dir. George Baker
Momentum_Moment (2).jpg
Raindance Film School
dir. Sam Ofori-Attah
Somewhere off the m6_Moment (2).jpg
Met Film School
dir. Huw Brentnall
Death Wants a Job_Moment (2).jpg
Met Film School
dir. Erin Jones

Working with the Actors Studio at Pinewood

Since creating my own showreel in 2017 I have been asked to return to the Actors Studio on several occasions to appear in other actors' showreel scenes.

actors studio logo.png
Micheal Watts_Moment (2).jpg
Aaron Scene 1 Version 2_Moment (2).jpg
1_Akari_Hostage_2_Moment (2).jpg
Michelle Antrobus_Moment.jpg
Sarah Mauree_Moment (2).jpg

Voice Showreels

Recorded and engineered by Mike Charters at The Showreel



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